About Galen Morgan Cooper PhD.

Dr. Galen Morgan Cooper is a specialist in addiction psychology. Currently Dr. Cooper is an Addiction Coach, helping families navigate their lives when addiction strikes.

Dr. Cooper is also an Addiction Educator, speaking at professional meetings and to school, parent, and community groups on:

  • understanding substance abuse and dependence
  • raising awareness on the extent of the disease in our society
  • the relationship of addiction and psychiatric disorders
  • the effects on the friends and families of an addicted person
  • identifying appropriate available treatment opportunities.

In addition, she is the author of “A TURMOIL CALLED HOME: Losing a Child to Addiction” and consults with a web-based recovery social networking site.
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Dr. Cooper has a Ph.D. in Psychology from The United States International/Alliant University and a Master’s in Hospital Administration from Washington University, but her most important qualifications were gained through the life lessons found amidst the madness of losing a child to addiction and the eternal pursuit of hope to restore the life of her family, dedicating her career to the field of addiction.

Full Bio
Galen Morgan Cooper, Ph.D.


Addiction Specialist

College of Executive Coaching
Santa Barbara, CA

Alliant University
San Diego, CA

Washington University
St. Louis, MO

Ohio State University
Columbus, OH


private practice – Family addiction coach practical recovery
San Diego,CA

Addiction Coach working with families/loved ones of persons with substance dependence therapist working with inpatients with substance disorders
The Educational Alliance,
New York, New York

Director of Training for the Substance Abuse Division of The Educational Alliance, a social service agency on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The Addiction Institute of New York
New York, New York

Consult/Liaison between The Addiction Institute and St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospitals where she conducted Addiction Medicine Consults on acute care units.

San Diego Family Court
San Diego, CA
Mediator in custody determination for divorced parents.

Child Protective Services
San Diego, CA
Therapist and educator in The Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Unit

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